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We Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

We focus on A/R and A/P data entry so you can focus on operations.

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We use powerful technology to simplify things for our tenants and clients alike. Digital rent payment and 24/7 statement access are just a few of the perks we offer.

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At Page1 Property Solutions, we never stop working to meet your needs. We aim to set the standard for great service and consistently exceed your expectations.

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We want to gain your trust. We put transparency and honesty above everything else, and we're committed to only making decisions that benefit your bottom line.

Introducing Page1 Administration Solutions for Property Management

Streamline Your A/R and A/P management and Unlock Time to Enhance Resident Experience and Lower Turnover Costs!

Page1 Administrative Solutions for Property Management helps residential and multifamily real estate investors improve resident experience and reduce turnover costs. Our advanced A/R and A/P services save time and allow your team to manage maintenance and leasing, enhance resident satisfaction, and minimize turnover. With streamlined processes, we lower turnover costs, maintain cash flow for property improvements, and maximize property income. Choose Pagel for improved resident experiences, reduced turnover costs, and increased profitability.

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Accounts Payable

  • Property specific email address your vendors can use to email invoices to Page1
  • Enter and update vendors certificate of insurance
  • Enter bills
  • Enter recurring bills
  • Pay utility bills: client/vendor emails bill to Page1 (owner sets up all utility
  • Pay trash bill-vendor/client emails bill to Page1
  • Pay all approved bills
  • Pay approved Purchase Orders
  • Email weekly payable report to client for approval
  • Email weekly aged payables report
  • Email weekly bills paid report
  • Credit Card register
  • Reconcile credit card monthly
  • Provide digital check stock for eChecks
  • Virtual Post Office mailings (print and mail checks to vendors) $5.00 Charge per
    Contact vendors who have not cashed checks-monthly

Accounts Receivable

  • Tenant can pay rent via:
    • Mail a money order
    • Cash pay at a Walmart
    • ACH set up in the portal
  • Email owner aged receivable/delinquency report
  • Email owner copy of tenant statements needed for eviction
  • Email tenant statement on the 10th of each month if balance is greater than zero
  • Email tenant monthly statement between the 21st and 25th (Can mail- $5.00
    charge per occurrence)
  • Invoice tenants for tenant caused damages per owner direction

Additional Administrative Solutions

  • Enter client provided budget in our software
  • Email client monthly budget vs actual reports
  • Email client T-12 and other requested financial reports (Creation of special
    reports additional cost)
  • 1099's provided for all vendors (Additional Cost)
  • Maintain operating reserve amount as set by owner
  • Security deposit accounts and funds held and managed by client.
  • Operating bank account set up managed by Page1
  • Monthly bank account reconciliation
  • Enter purchased assets in RM assets - client provides model and serial # and
    warranty info


Hosting Plans
  • # of Units
    # of Units
  • 0-5
  • 6-20
  • 21-100
  • 101-200
  • 201 and Beyond
    201 and Beyond
$20 / month
  • # of Units
    Estimate MGT Fee*
  • 0-5
    $357.00 (Avg rent of $850 and MGT fee of 8.4%)
  • 6-20
    $1,428.00 (Avg rent of $850 and MGT fee of 8.4%)
  • 21-100
    $6,290.00 (Avg rent of $850 and MGT fee of 7.4%)
  • 101-200
    $10,880.00 (Avg rent of $850 and MGT fee of 6.4%)
  • 201 and Beyond
    $10,880.00 (Avg rent of $850 and MGT fee of 6.4%)
$50 / month
  • # of Units
    Office Admin Fee per Unit
  • 0-5
    $25 per unit
  • 6-20
    $21 per unit
  • 21-100
    $19 per unit
  • 101-200
    $17 per unit
  • 201 and Beyond
    $15 per unit
$60 / month
  • # of Units
    Estimated Monthly Admin Fee*
  • 0-5
  • 6-20
  • 21-100
  • 101-200
  • 201 and Beyond
    $3,015.00 and Above

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